Can A Dental Implant Be Done Same Day As Extraction?

Advances in dental technology have made it possible to replace missing teeth with dental implants in a single visit. This procedure, known as immediate dental implant placement, offers several advantages over traditional methods, which require a waiting period of several months between extraction and implant placement.

Traditional vs. Immediate Dental Implants

Traditional dental implant placement involves a two-stage process:

  1. Extraction and Healing: The damaged tooth is extracted, and the jawbone is allowed to heal for several months to regain its strength and density.

  2. Implant Placement: Once the jawbone has healed sufficiently, the dental implant is surgically inserted into the jawbone. A temporary crown may be placed on the implant during this time.

  3. Osseointegration: The implant fuses with the jawbone in a process called osseointegration, which typically takes several months to complete.

  4. Attachment of Permanent Crown: After osseointegration is complete, a permanent crown is attached to the implant, restoring the tooth’s appearance and function.

Immediate dental implant placement, on the other hand, combines the extraction and implant placement stages into a single procedure. This eliminates the need for a separate extraction appointment and the waiting period for healing.

Benefits of Immediate Dental Implants

Immediate dental implants offer several advantages, including:

  • Reduced Treatment Time: By combining extraction and implant placement, immediate implants significantly reduce the overall treatment time.

  • Preserved Bone Density: Placing the implant immediately after extraction helps preserve the bone density and structure around the tooth socket, minimizing bone loss and potential complications.

  • Improved Aesthetics: Immediate implants allow for the placement of a temporary crown during the healing phase, maintaining the appearance of the smile and preventing the shifting of adjacent teeth.

  • Enhanced Patient Comfort: Patients experience fewer surgical procedures and a shorter overall treatment duration, reducing discomfort and recovery time.

Suitability for Immediate Dental Implants

Immediate dental implants are not suitable for all patients. Factors that influence candidacy include:

  • Bone Health: The jawbone must be strong and dense enough to support the implant and withstand the forces of chewing.

  • Oral Health: The patient must have good overall oral health, free from gum disease or active infections that could hinder healing.

  • Patient Compliance: The patient must be committed to maintaining good oral hygiene and following post-operative instructions to ensure successful implant integration.


Immediate dental implants offer a convenient and effective way to replace missing teeth in a single visit. However, careful evaluation of the patient’s oral health, jawbone condition, and overall suitability is crucial before proceeding with this procedure. Consult with your dentist to determine if immediate dental implants are the right option for you. Please find the dental office near you in these locations: Attleboro, Chelmsford, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Lynn, Manchester, Methuen, Roslindale, Taunton.

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