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Planning your first visit

In addition to providing facilities that contain cutting-edge technology wrapped in a warm and welcoming environment, we at Perfect Dental would like to discuss your initial visit to our office so you are fully prepared. We do this to help ease any stress or worry you might have about your first visit to one of our offices.

Your first visit will likely take approximately one hour, but it will be time well spent. We use this time to learn more about you and figure out what kind of dental treatment will best meet your needs.

We will collect information regarding your dental history and provide you with ample time to complete all pertinent insurance and health information paperwork. Aside from that, we have other forms that can tell you all about our offices and answer any questions you might have.

When you schedule an appointment, we promise that we will always be entirely honest when discussing your dental care and treatment options since the experts at Perfect Dental believe that great dental care is a result of open communication.

Our goal is to keep your teeth, gums, and jaw joints healthy, so call today to set up an appointment or click “Book Online” to get started on the road to dental health. Make sure you always check out our “Dental Discounts” page to see what deals we have for our patients.

Please let our office know if you have a medical condition that may pose a concern, such as high blood pressure, artificial heart valves and joints, rheumatic fever, diabetes that might need antibiotics, or if you are taking any medications, such as heart medications, anticoagulant therapy, or aspirin.

If you have had dental x-rays within the last 12 months, please notify us before your examination so that we can assist you in obtaining your dental records.

Perfect Dental Policies

Privacy Policy

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Appointment Policy

Can’t make it to your scheduled appointment? Please read our cancellation policy.


Payment Policy

Our payment methods are designed to make paying for your dental services simple and painless.

Frequently Asked Questions

During your initial consultation with your dentist, you will receive an abundance of information. We want to ensure that you are prepared. We invite you to fill out our patient registration forms, accessible on the individual office pages. If you have recently seen another dentist, we invite you to bring along copies of your medical and dental records.

Our offices specialize in family dentistry. This means all adults and children are welcome into our offices. We recommend you to schedule your child’s first session after he or she turns six months old.

Please try to show up 15 minutes early for your dentist appointment. When we can, we’ll take patients in early so you can leave sooner.

Every patient receives a customized level of attention from us. Depending on what we need to accomplish for you, your appointment may last 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

Get the necessary dental care without delays. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please contact our offices as soon as possible. Some of our offices are available on Saturdays, and some are also open on numerous holidays. If you need assistance for an urgent matter, we will try our best to accommodate you in our schedule.

You will notice two different dental degrees represented: a Doctor of Dental Surgery and a Doctor of Dental Medicine. Both a DDS and a DMD are the same degree, and holders of both have completed a recognized academic program and received the same education. Both must pass dental exams and finish significant training and instruction to get licensed. Additionally, there are standards for ongoing education in every field.

We accept the majority of popular dental insurance plans. Before your visit, we ask you to give our office a call so that we can confirm your insurance coverage. We can verify your benefits at this time and assist you in learning what your anticipated out-of-pocket expenses will be prior to your consultation.

We want you to receive the treatment you need. We offer payment alternatives that are suitable for the majority of patients and offer competitive pricing. We recommend that you look into Care Credit as well as low-interest in-office Epic Dental coverage. 

A covered benefit is a procedure or program of treatment that your dental insurance will at minimum partially cover. It is mentioned in your policy and acknowledged as a coverage option for you.

Any procedure that your dental insurance company does not fully cover is considered an optional procedure. However, for the sake of your oral health, it is not always optional. Keep in mind that your dental insurance plan may not cover optional procedures that aren’t included on your price schedule. Or, they might only have minimal coverage.